This article is a good wrap of yesterday’s IEA announcement (or more so mandate) around its views of how global energy supply should be addressed over the coming years. Unfortunately no mention of what happens to those in energy poverty today, and many would shudder to think of what removing ALL traditional energy fossil fuel sources in the near term means for the planet’s poorest inhabitants. All for potential (and completely hypothetical) benefits and more hassle free lifestyles for people in 2050 and 2100.


“No new coalmines, oil or gas fields should be opened up if the world is to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, according to a landmark ­report from the International ­Energy Agency. The roadmap for the global energy sector to reach carbon neutrality by the middle of the century also says there should be no more coal-fired power stations and calls for an end to new petrol cars by 2035.”

“Resources Minister Keith Pitt said stopping coal, gas and oil developments would “further dis­advantage developing nations that are trying to lift themselves out of energy poverty”.


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