Yes it’s going up at this particular point in the Earth’s 4.5B year history, but it also just happens to be the building block of all life, plus concentrations have been a mile higher in the past and are in no way dangerous for both humans and the planet, as shown in the graphs below… Dangerous would actually be a downward trend, given most life would end at around 150ppm.

Perhaps this observation from respected scientist Robert Hazen says it best:

Carbon, the sixth element, plays unique roles in our dynamic and evolving planet. It provides the chemical foundation for life, it serves as the primary source of our energy needs, it inspires a host of remarkable new materials, and it plays a disproportionate role in Earth’s uncertain, changeable climate and environment.

Robert H. Hazen, Executive Director, Deep Carbon Observatory; Senior Staff Scientist, Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory; Author: Symphony in C, Carbon and the Evolution of (Almost) Everything

Any rational analysis of those facts alone should be enough to end the scare campaigns against CO2, yet the hysterics just seem to get worse, weirdly corelated with the upward trajectory of global GDP and HDI…

Either way, one thing is clear:

No amount of globalist-inspired, private jet-fuelled, luxury hotel-hosted climate summits will change the upward trajectory of CO2 during our lifetimes, lucky for us all…