Behold the graphs above and below, which encapsulate pretty much all that needs to be said on this subject.

But, to spell it out as plainly as possible: the consumption of fossil fuels has driven and continues to drive a miraculous rise in life expectancy and an equally miraculous decrease in extreme poverty.

Correlation is not causation, but these graphs offer some pretty compelling evidence if you ask us (plus there’s plenty of actual evidence to prove it, if you have the time…)

So, make of them what you will, but it’s just good to know that such things are occurring and actual observations and processes can prove it (otherwise known as history and/or real life…).

As opposed to “the science” of the many models, predictions, and future scenarios (otherwise known as, well, the unknown) that are used in a bid to reverse the upward curve of the fossil fuel graphs below, independent of what will happen to the life expectancy and poverty graphs under such circumstances – I mean, who cares about those right??? In 2080 my beach house may suffer from coastal erosion!!!…

But no, it’s a great idea discarding the known and pretty damn positive results of the fossil fuel revolution in favour of the unknown, unproven and quite often fanciful predictions of catastrophists, because of “the science”…

Not using fossil fuels to continue to address global poverty is the real catastrophe.

But don’t ask us; there’s still a few billion people spread out around the world who are better placed to comment….