Actual data and graphs to back up reasonable assumptions around the ability to identify storms now and in the past, casting doubts on whether 2020 was an absolute outlier and if an upwards trend exists. Considering data on other storms around the world show a downward trend, the doomsday scenarios still seems a way off, if not farther away than ever (beyond our increasing abilities to weather the storm, so to speak…)


“In addition to the issue of named storms that were previously missed, due to the lack of ability to observe them, technological improvements also have effectively allowed the standards for naming a storm to be refined resulting in better identification of weak (near the 39-mph/63-kph threshold) systems.”

“2020 set a record for number of named storms, but given the limitations in our records it is possible that other years (such as 1887) were just as active for long-lived named storms”


Was 2020 a Record-Breaking Hurricane Season? Yes, But. . .

Christopher Landsea