Plenty of people already know about this, but most pretend that they don’t, or come up with outlandish reasoning as to why it’s insignificant, “not enough” or even unwanted – the authors of the article referenced in this very post (see below) go to great lengths and logical torture to include climate change apocalypse style messaging alongside the undeniably good news of a greening planet, kind of like “yes it’s greener and all that but it’s not really that good and we ultimately need to stop such nonsense now because it might at some point be accompanied by all or even just some of the bad things that for years we have been predicting will happen, even though they’re not quite happening… yet… but they will, you just wait… the stuff contributing to your greener, tropical paradises will one day destroy us all, you just watch!!…”

NASA’s November 2020 “Greening of the Earth Mitigates Surface Warming” report is a good recent example of what is happening, but just a simple logical exercise using basic science will also lead in this direction.

Two graphs below show how some of this is playing out, in the real world, with actual benefits for, like, actual humans (of course technology is also a factor in those, but appears highly likely that greening is also a key factor, especially given the map above…). Below those is a rather well distributed image of what happens to trees at different CO2 concentrations… shock horror for those who don’t like big trees…

Shouldn’t such significant, planet-altering changes with many benefits (at least for those that like greener, more fecund ecosystems) be discussed more extensively, by the mainstream media, during climate summits, policy debates, etc. etc.???

And perhaps even be embraced, even if for the short to medium term, and, the gods be damned, lead us to stop worrying so freakin much about CO2 and putting all of our ‘energy’ into arbitrary, often-useless and nearly always poverty-inducing emissions reduction initiatives???

Hell, in the meantime we might even focus instead on reducing energy poverty, and perhaps support a few more poverty-reduction scientists at the expense of those godlike (yet far from omniscient) climate scientists…

We can only hope…


“The greening of the lands during the first fifteen years in the 21st century represented an additional heat dissipation (2.97×1021 J) from the surface equivalent to five times the total energy produced and used by humans in 2015 (5.71×1020 J). This greening-induced cooling effect was twenty-five times stronger than the warming effect caused by tropical deforestation.”


Greening of the Earth Mitigates Surface Warming – NASA

Image shows the change in leaf area across the globe from 1982-2015.

Credits: Boston University/R. Myneni