Beyond conveniently being our A to Z entry for the letter W, this post is really an acknowledgement of one of the best graphs I have ever seen, showing the scale of climate change in comparison to other key issues affecting overall wealth and the wellbeing of humans on this planet.

If you understand this graph, agree that it is either correct or at least in the ballpark, and still think climate alarmism, even in its mildest form, is more important than energy poverty and the other issues in the graph for the overall wellbeing of the planet, then I’m not sure there’s much hope for you – but that’s just my opinion (backed by undeniable facts…).

Of course, you may not care about total wealth (ie. not just yours and/or your neighbour’s but, like, of all humans) and the wellbeing of the planet (even if you desperately virtue signal that you do), but that’s another matter…

SOURCE: @BjornLomborg