I know many people are happy to watch popular sci-fi and know at least something about nuclear energy, but the general lack of acknowledgement that on medium and long time scales nuclear energy is by far the best option for humanity is disconcerting.

Seriously, how do you justify discussing 50, 100 and 200 year scenarios for humanity without having this as your bedrock?

And as the bedrock, why isn’t this the number one priority for energy planning and policy, today?

With climate change scenarios/prophecies based on 2050 and 2100 deadlines, the lengthy build times and high initial cost of nuclear (right now) are hardly relevant, and as research improves and perhaps fusion comes online these aspects will be less and less important.

But, by all means, continue squabbling over relatively low tech, inefficient and unreliable alternatives, which take up increasingly ridiculous amounts of land. Just don’t be surprised when the inevitable awakening occurs…

It’s a no-brainer…