Even if the supposedly ‘worst case’ IPCC-esque warming scenarios occur, which is still a very long shot and will almost certainly, given recent observations, take much longer than alarmists currently predict (as they fret into their hyperventilation bags), the concept that a warmer Earth is the equivalent of Armageddon for humanity is, quite simply, one of the most stupid yet well-promoted aspects of the climate debate.

First, as shown in the simple, well-accepted graph below, Earth loves a bit of warmth, literally basks in it, gets all wet and humid, free of all those pesky freezing and frigid zones (that, all things considered, are pretty much useless for most of humanity – sorry poor skiers), and the pre-historic record suggests that tropical, paradise-like dinosaur conditions would abound under such circumstances (and no, there is no chance of a runaway hothouse Earth, even the most ardently terrified scientists no longer claim that one…).

Yeah yeah, sure, a swathe of modern-day land would be underwater, of course, but another crapload currently under ice and/or desert conditions would become usable, arable, liveable, etc. etc. and very much able to continue to house many billions of people, thanks to modern urban planning, construction techniques, water treatment, communication and technology, etc.. In short, there would still be plenty of space and no shortage of expertise on how best to use it.

And as modern humans increasingly free themselves from the need to stay in one place during their productive lives, on almost all levels including work, family, and leisure, why is the need to relocate considered such a burden and a catastrophic situation, especially when it would be over extended timeframes, planned well ahead and involving massive investment and infrastructure programs (jobs jobs jobs)?

It’s one that the logical, innovative side of me just doesn’t get, and the only thing I can imagine that leads climate catastrophists to vaguely claim this as an extinction-level hurdle for humanity is that they are just anti-human, Malthusian arseholes, claiming some vague concern for future generations as they swim around in pools of gold coins from their trust funds built on the back of government hand-outs, not to mention massive amounts of CO2 emissions (even if only scope 3…). But that’s just me…

To sum up:

At the same time that climate alarmists do nothing for today’s poor, and actually exacerbate their suffering, they claim concern for the future’s poor having to live on a warmer, more tropical planet.

As they advocate for regulations and conditions that worsen energy poverty today, for actual people all around the world, they concurrently attempt to maintain a weird and vague moral high ground from whence they preach to the masses about their incredible, heartfelt affection for the Earth’s future children and their supposed inability to survive on a planet with an average temperature of 20°C as opposed to today’s 14°C!!!

It’s actually pretty sick and twisted, when you really think about it…