This is really the only consideration for anyone thinking logically and with humanity’s best intentions in mind.

With billions of people still affected by energy poverty, any process that reduces the total global supply of energy BY ANY AMOUNT is actively worsening the situation.

Therefore, removing fossil fuels from the energy supply equation should be taken off the table, completely.

Otherwise, you are trading the quality of life of ACTUAL PEOPLE, today, for unproven, uncertain and increasingly unlikely future climate scenarios, which, even in the worst case models, will be tackled by much wealthier, more prepared and technologically advanced populations.

Instead, the focus TODAY must be on technology: to pull all of humanity out of energy poverty as quickly as possible.

The benefits to such an approach are immense, scientifically speaking of course… To allow all humans, everywhere, to access sufficient amounts of energy to continually pursue a higher standard of living, and thereby break the cycle of poverty that leads to universally bad outcomes, including for the environment.

Importantly, this should be our priority and occur as quickly as possible – any delay to this process causes harm, on a global scale, and much more than any arbitrary rise in atmospheric CO2 could ever do. The science behind this is easily proven and values human life over irrational attempts to engineer a more amenable (to whom?) global climate, otherwise know as flights of fancy.

As such, any and all possible technology, across all energy types, according to market forces, should be researched, developed and employed AS A PRIORITY, to safely deliver the most amount of cheap energy to the most amount of people in the shortest space of time possible – period.

And that should be our only focus when it comes to human endeavour, and not the level of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Alas, the whims of those that feel they can somehow engineer the Earth’s future climate, via the most simplistic of approaches to atmospheric CO2 levels, still dominate the debate, and funding distribution flows…

Hopefully this will change someday soon…