As discussed in various posts and pages on this site, the benefits of a warmer climate are constantly overlooked, and often completely dismissed against all common sense and reasoning.

It is a simple statement of fact (and no mystery at all) that the death rate in winter months is higher than in summer. There are numerous studies about this (a selection below), but the consensus is that the warmer the better when it comes to minimizing temperature-related deaths, at least within a few degrees of current temperatures.

In this context, with a warming planet (regardless of the causes) currently reducing the global death rate in relation to temperature-related deaths, how can anyone argue against this benefit to humanity, on a global scale, of a warmer world?

Regardless of your belief in other potential causes of increased future death rates, such as sea level rise, bushfires, floods, etc. etc. (even against concrete evidence showing major decreases in such categories in recent years), is it not at least beyond debate that the warmer the better when it comes to death rates in winter?

Some references (there are no doubt thousands all with the same conclusions given they are statistics…):