Alarmists go to great lengths to write off the effects and risks of volcanoes (and other natural disasters), mainly because in their minds humans and our co2 emissions are clearly the great unbalancers taking away the natural equilibrium of what has been a totally tame, stable and manageable climate for millions of years… except for when it wasn’t… See graph below, or do some simple research on the last few thousand years worth of major climate shifts like the Younger Dryas, Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age et al to realise how deceptive such claims of humans unbalancing a stable climate really are…

While regular smaller volcanoes pump out quite a bit of co2, on the scale of minor nations, it’s usually not enough to upset alarmists, even though in other situations they tend to get extremely worried and irritated about careless co2 emitters….

Leaving all that aside, there is the very real chance, within anyone’s lifetime, of the eruption of a super (otherwise known as big bastard) volcano that would play significant havoc with the global climate, on a number of fronts.

Indeed, co2 would (unsuprisingly) be the least of our problems, as the cooling effect of the dust and ash alone would likely devastate humanity around the globe for up to a decade, for starters.

In simple terms, there is a very real risk that any warming, and the harebrained measures alarmists propose to somehow diminish the rate of warming, will at some point be completely washed out, reversed, superseded, etc. etc. by a single big bastard eruption… Think famine, pestilence, societal breakdown etc. etc.

But given it wouldn’t be a human-induced problem, why would alarmists worry? It’s not like they have an agenda or something…

On the other hand, we could just accept our inability to control the planet’s myriad systems and mechanisms and focus on, well, life, and ensuring that we the living continue to master our surroundings via technology and ingenuity, come what (inevitably) may… Adapt and prepare..