This article provides a great overview of the importance of human ingenuity and preparation to dealing with climatic conditions, as opposed to a focus on trying to alter the global climate to somehow benefit all humans everywhere, as improbable as that seems when said out loud…

Should today’s energy poor have access to air-conditioning even if reliant on fossil fuels, or is it more important to sacrifice such approaches to ensure the climate is perhaps, maybe, possibly slightly cooler in 40 year’s time? That is if an asteroid doesn’t hit or a super volcano blows in the meantime…


“Fifteen years ago, The Times reported that less than half the homes in the L.A. city limits had AC at all. The numbers are higher now, yet older houses and especially older apartments are less likely to have AC. Energy poverty is a real thing. Cold air and warm air cost money to make. People in the frigid East and Midwest might use heat sparingly because of the power bills, and overheated Californians do the same. The people who probably ease up on the AC, if they have it, are older, poorer, and people of color.”


Cold enough for you? Why air conditioning reigns supreme in Southern California – LA Times