What ingenuity, what life-saving technology… Old humanity still has a few tricks up its sleeves it seems, and perhaps won’t perish in a slightly-warmer-than-the-current-climate ball of hellfire, brought on by all those evil fossil fuel users (AKA everyone everywhere for the last 180 or so years…)

The concepts in this article have major implications for future drought situations, drinking water supply and a heap of other matters that we are told are going to be made catastrophically worse by climate change, and hence should drive policy decisions and our own sense of guilt… There goes those narratives, I suppose….


“The membrane not only removes 99.9 percent of salt from seawater, but it lasts up to a month, whereas previously solutions only lasted for about 50 hours before they need to be replaced.”


Water shortage solved? Newly created membrane removes 99.9% of salt from seawater and make it drinkable within MINUTES – Daily Mail