In certain countries and situations, the focus is on improving energy efficiency to help the energy poor, rather than grandiose yet incredibly simple statements about somehow improving the future global climate by reducing emissions, even if at the expense of today’s population. Adaptation is guaranteed to deliver results to actual humans, today, and should be prioritised over all other approaches, especially blanket taxes.


“The Green Climate Fund describes the project as “improving energy efficiency (EE) in Armenia through building retrofits, addressing high levels of energy poverty and high use of imported fossil fuels for heating. The project will build the market for EE building retrofits in Armenia, leading to sizeable energy savings and GHG emission reductions (up to 5.8 million tCO2 of direct and indirect emission savings over the 20-year equipment lifetimes), green job creation and energy poverty reduction.””


Government-supported energy efficiency program of buildings underway for the first time in Armenia – Armen Press