verb – to balance one influence against an opposing influence, so that there is no great difference as a result

Primate v. Climate is a news service based in Australia, where governments of all shapes and sizes are currently wracking their highly efficient, bureaucratic brains to lower the country’s emissions and contribute to the “global fight against climate change”, or something…

So, when we see articles like the one below, forgive us for losing faith in such efforts and basically all emissions reduction activity when a simple market correction by a fellow “global climate citizen” such as China can completely wipe out vast swathes of our own efforts (and justifiably so, given the alternative is leaving millions to suffer over a freezing winter), on the scale of years and probably even decades.

And that’s just for one winter, at one point in time, involving one country! Many other examples exist and will occur over the coming years, well up to and beyond 2050 and 2100, without a shadow of a doubt. And that’s just to correct market distortions and disaster scenarios, without even mentioning geopolitical aspects.

Although we have titled this post “offset”, for the purposes of our A to Z section, perhaps a more Australian saying of “pissing into the wind” is more apt…

Still, with the popularity of offsetting this and offsetting that to apparently save the Earth’s climate, we’ll stick with the original title and hopefully reap some SEO benefits…


China digs in on coal, oil gains as energy crisis deepens – Reuters


“In China, where coal production had been curtailed to meet climate goals, officials have ordered more than 70 coal mines in Inner Mongolia to ramp up production by nearly 100 million tonnes or 10%, as the world’s largest exporter battles its worst power shortages in years.”

BONUS – the Primate v. Climate CO2 calculator for Australia

  • just look at the huge contribution Australia has made to CO2’s influence on the global climate…
  • try it with other countries today!
Global CO2 PPM and Australia
1870 global CO2 PPM280
2020 global CO2 PPM420
Difference PPM140
Appx share for Australia between 1850 and 20201.50%
Simple Australian CO2 PPM TOTAL contributions since 18702.1
Simple Australian CO2 PPM per decade since 18700.14
2020 global CO2 if Australia had zero emissions since 1870417.9
2020 global CO2 if ONLY Australia had contributed emissions281.54