A nice, straight-forward article with important statistics and information about this crucial technology for energy poverty reduction, and for when traditional energy markets and supply fail. No hype, just the facts, ma’am. Good to see.

And no, we don’t mind nice, shiny and new solar and other renewable tech models, who wouldn’t?!…

Just please think twice if you oppose, in however roundabout a way, people in abject poverty utilizing traditional fossil fuel generators to improve their lot. And perhaps, if in a position to, consider supporting and facilitating the roll-out and supply of such contraptions to populations in need. You know, that might just be one of the easiest ways to alleviate suffering and contribute to the overall improvement of conditions for the global population in the short to medium term…


“The demand for generators is significantly high in rural areas and regions witnessing frequent power fluctuations and outages, a trend which is expected to continue well through 2030. Fact MR in a new study has forecast the global market to ride on increasing power demand worldwide. As per its study, the market will exhibit positive growth through 2021 and beyond. Surging investment to boost production of hydrocarbons from bulk conventional and unconventional resources will continue favoring the expansion of the market over the forecast period.”

SOURCE: Why is USA a Dominant Region in the Portable Generator Market : Check Latest Study – Digital Journal