While this site was established before discovering Alex Epstein, this fella is clearly the leading voice for the types of energy poverty issues we are exploring here, and has been doing it for much longer. So, hear hear Alex Epstein.

In this article on the latest update to the arbitrary Paris Agreement emissions targets, which actively worsen global energy poverty via the simple concept of economic scarcity, Epstein has managed to get on the record, providing logical and clear reasoning as to why fossil fuels are essential for the best possible future for ALL humans, today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future…

Credit to the Epoch Times as well for pursuing balanced journalism.


“The main reason global GHG emissions are rising is because billions of people in the developing world are bringing themselves out of poverty by using fossil fuels to power factories, farms, vehicles, and appliances,” he added. “This is a wonderful thing that we should not stop.

Epstein went on to describe the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, scheduled to begin in November, as “a crime against humanity, especially the poor.”


UN Releases New Synthesis Report on National-Level Emissions Cuts – The Epoch Times