An interesting, marketing-driven take on how to approach the need to reduce energy poverty in Europe.


Europe must avoid the trap of energy poverty – Euractiv


“The idea to compensate households that have deeper pockets for the increased energy costs may help to save millions from looming energy poverty. However, social compensations don’t address systemic failures of energy markets that rely on a combination of geopolitically sensitive fossil fuels with high price volatility and renewables with fluctuating levels of output.

A viable long-term solution to this problem is deep geothermal exploration. It can tap unlimited resources of clean energy. Geothermal energy from depths of up to 10 km is a clean baseload energy source that complements wind and solar and eliminates the need for fossil fuels. With the right technology, deep geothermal can compete with other renewables while outperforming them in terms of price stability and reliability of energy production.”