A key aspect of viewing the world through the lens of energy poverty is that regular reporting on economic and industrial activity takes on a new dimension, and it generally ain’t positive.

In the article below, while the focus is on energy price fluctuations and the political positions of Germany’s candidates for Chancellor, the stark reality is that energy poverty in one of the world’s most advanced economies is about to see a significant increase, meaning many thousands and perhaps even millions of Germans will suffer through a terrible period of financial stress, featuring cold houses for kids, black-outs, increased rates of depression and god-knows how many deaths directly attributable to cold weather.

Surely the religious commitment to green energy goals and net-zero targets should take a back seat to such matters?

And again, this is Germany! Imagine the poorer European countries, and then imagine the developing world, when inevitably confronted with such circumstances.

Are those focused purely on reducing CO2 emissions at almost all cost really acting in the best interests of the “future of humanity”, or is it all just a sad illusion propagated by lazy intellectuals, scientists and politicians scared to address real, proven and solvable problems, starting with energy poverty?

But no, heaven forbid we focus on helping real people; that might involve actual hard work….


“A rebound in demand and tight supplies have driven power, gas and carbon prices in Europe to a string of records. Wholesale gas doubled in the last three months, power jumped more than 60%, while oil rose about 10%. The combination has helped boost inflation in the euro area and is due to hit consumers in the coming months as prices get passed on.”


Germans’ Green Energy Resolve Faces Pain in Post-Election Winter – Bloomberg