Here on this site we are trying to not be too sensationalist, as a clear juxtaposition to the MSM, and would usually steer clear of the word ‘destroy’, but it’s hard to read a report like the one below and not see major pain coming for populations across Europe, surely many millions will suffer.

Moreover, regarding the key quote below, the use of the word ‘insane’ was also tough to avoid, given the birthplace of the enlightenment and some of the world’s greatest technological advancement is about to suffer a severe lack of energy because, wait for it, the winter might not be very windy. What genius, what forward thinking, Einstein would be in awe of the altruistic wisdom of today’s ruling class!…

Extreme cold (yes it’s looking quite likely, even The Guardian says so…) will kill thousands and put millions into horrible situations this European winter.

Perhaps the elites flying into Glasgow can all take some extra blankets to distribute to the poor, unprepared and shivering masses…

Unfunnily enough, a milder anthopogenically global warmed winter would surely be welcomed by millions of Europeans right about now…


“Luckock said that it was difficult to see lower natural gas prices this winter in Europe, despite the commodity trading at a record high already. 

“If it’s a cold winter in Europe or Asia, we have a big problem,” he said. “If it’s cold, and on top, it isn’t windy, then we have a much bigger problem. We will face shortages.”


Commodity Giant Trafigura Paints Bullish Outlook for Oil and Gas – Bloomberg