In the future, working on non-fossil fuel based energy projects will be like tending the pre-Fall garden of Eden, providing nigh-unlimited opportunities for stimulating human endeavour that will, as a bonus, be rewarded with the marvellous, euphoric feeling that comes with saving the world.

More specifically, humans from all continents will revel in the manufacture and install of solar panels, huge (green-only) steel and aluminium windmill parts, hydrogen electrolysers and cutting-edge batteries of all descriptions, while other castes will frolic in endless miles of fields of clean energy joy as they, almost imperceptibly, maintain the miraculous arrays of sun-catchers, water-transmuters and breeze-harnessers, and still others will grease (animal-based only) the wheels of our elysian, pure-as-snow industries by effortlessly prodding and digging away in beautiful, life-giving mines of copper, cobalt and nickel.

The green jobs revolution is upon us, and if you aren’t yet onboard then you may well be actively destroying all chances of civilization beyond 2050.

However, if you have a tainted past filled with risqué social media commentary or simply aren’t enlightened enough to want to contribute to humanity’s evolution, we can still use you to dig big holes in the middle of the world’s deserts and other inhospitable places for the capture of upcoming overflows from drastic 3mm/year sea level rise.

There will also be limited requirements for trained assassins posted at toxic old fossil fuel harvesting zones picking off diesel scavengers and general CO2-addicted scum.

The future, after all, is for everyone to enjoy…