As prices rise ahead of an energy crisis during a potentially colder than usual European winter, Shell, which has made some big statements and gestures re renewables over the past few years, has taken advantage of the widening crack in the green wall to confirm what most of us knew all along: there is no plan to move away from fossil fuels.


Oil, gas, LNG to be Shell’s ‘cash engines’ for decades: CEO Van Beurden – Hellenic Shipping News


“Shell plans to keep investing in oil, gas and liquefied natural gas as the “cash engines” for the energy transition and expects its giant LNG Canada project, targeted at Asian markets, will operate well into the second half of the century, CEO Ben van Beurden said Oct. 6. Speaking at the online Energy Intelligence Forum, Van Beurden dismissed notions of winding down the upstream oil and gas business as “silly” and said there was “nothing illegitimate” about producing oil and gas. In the global energy system, “to just believe that you can switch 100% from coal to 100% renewables…is a little bit of a silly notion,” he said.”