Great to see such an initiative and exposé of energy poverty. Looks well worth the watch, especially given the quote featured below…


Juice: How Electricity Explains the World | Storyteller – TRT World


The most alarming stat he shared was that 1 billion people in the world today have zero access to electricity. There are another two billion who’s access to electricity is inadequate – they use less electricity in a year than a typical American refrigerator. 

I was hooked. How could so many people live that way in the 21st Century? What did their lives look like? Would they be willing to talk to us? 

Those were the stories we wanted to tell – and that’s what we’ve managed to do. 

We were chased by the “generator mafia” in Lebanon and learned about the “petrol cartel” in Puerto Rico. We found out that nearly 40% of the electricity generated in India is stolen by its citizens. We toured a nuclear facility targeted for closure in New York – as well as a black market weed dispensary in downtown Denver.