John Kerry likes solar panels, it seems…

Check the quote below and try to distinguish Kerry’s words from an advertising spiel for any of the myriad products involved in his talking points… Wow, right?

We wonder what his stock portfolio looks like?… We also wonder whether, judging by the pic below, Kerry can eat garlic and cross a household’s threshold without an invitation….

Finally, check out our Vested Interests post for further insight on the likes of Kerry…


Solar energy most powerful tool in world to combat climate crisis: John Kerry – ANI News


“Speaking on India- US ties and calling India, “a red-hot investment destination for solar power,” Secretary Kerry shared that, leading countries deploying solar power from India to the United States are seeing the need for energy storage to balance the intermittency of renewable energy. Harnessing the full value of solar energy will require countries to invest in storage, in grid infrastructure and in flexibility in both demand and supply. And to connect solar power with parts of the economy that don’t currently use electricity, countries must invest in electric vehicles and clean fuels like hydrogen that can be produced using solar power.”