While recent issues for battery manufacturer LG Energy Solutions will create a lot of general hassles for first worlders, like delays to the delivery of new Teslas, we can see massive upside for those at the other end of the economic scale, those in energy poverty.

The main problem for the LG batteries is that they “may overheat and catch fire”, meaning that this revolutionary company may have found a fantastic new way for the energy poor to heat their homes and fuel their primitive cooking devices.

Furthermore, as the market for such batteries grows so too do the future waste requirements, so as a civilization we can surely find it in our altruistic plans to create fantastic new battery waste management and storage industries for the energy poor countries.

This is clearly a win win for everyone…


Electric cars and home batteries are already posing a waste problem in Australia. Here’s why – ABC


Battery manufacturer LG Energy Solutions (formally LG Chem) has recalled a suite of household batteries after concerns they “may overheat and catch on fire”. It is understood more than 5,000 units have been pulled.

Hyundai has also pulled the batteries from almost 1,000 electric cars from the Australian market as part of a global recall, again amid concerns that they may lead to an electrical short and “start a fire”.

ABC News can reveal that thousands of these products are now starting to be processed by battery recyclers in Melbourne.