This site’s post on “Geopolitics” has never been more relevant with global big wigs meeting in Glasgow to, well, let’s not get into our thoughts on that… Suffice to say they involves massive amounts of hypocrisy mixed with general disgust…

A perfect example of the “what could possibly go wrong?” genre is Moldova’s new crisis over gas prices due directly to political brinkmanship and strategy by Mr Putin of Russia. Whatever your thoughts on Russian power and ideology, a key point is that those in energy poverty are being completely screwed over in such shenanigans should not be lost, even if COP26ers are likely not discussing such petty issues over their Moet and caviar…

Real problems hurting real people, directly linked to bad approaches to securing energy supply.


But last year the Russian company raised its prices as Europe faces a gas crisis due to the post-pandemic economic recovery, and low stocks before the winter. Kremlin critics argue that Moscow raised tariffs to punish Moldova after the 2020 election of pro-European President Maia Sandu.


Europe’s energy crisis: Moldova declares state of emergency over gas prices – euronews