As more scrutiny is paid to the fact that someone always has to pay for things, even ones as magical and utopian as renewable energy contraptions, the concept that ‘investing’ taxpayer dollars without considering all options on the table, especially the traditionally most efficient and useful ones (aka fossil fuels) is justifiably raising more and more alarm bells, particularly when it comes to energy poverty.

Today’s article lays the problem out very clearly.

It’s getting harder and harder to hide behind such well researched, peer reviewed evidence…. thank god….


We find that the development of new renewable electricity generation has potential to significantly increase tariffs for residential electricity consumers across the country, whereby 80% of municipalities could experience more than one-third increase in monthly energy expenditures. More importantly, we find that the distribution of impacts will not be equal everywhere: households in the western, rural part of Guatemala that are already energy stressed will likely experience the greatest cost burdens because natural resource availability is low while overall poverty is already high.


How will renewable energy development goals affect energy poverty in Guatemala? – Science Direct