A version of this article appeared on The Spectator Australia website, 9/11/21, here.

Despite climate alarmists:

  • still having a very poor understanding of past non-human-CO2-driven climate changes (see the Little Ice Age, Medieval Warm Period, Younger Dryas, amongst many others), and
  • not having a crystal ball to predict when the next climate-altering mega-volcano, major earthquake, Earth impact event or myriad other natural phenomena will occur, and
  • not having an even close-to-successful template for convincing 7+ billion humans, about half of whom are currently in poverty, and who since time immemorial have been trying to destroy each other, to modify their approach to energy usage, and
  • not having feasible solutions for replacing fossil fuels, in even the medium to long term, across countless locations, processes and projects, and
  • not even changing their own, extravagant approaches to energy usage, and
  • not committing to donate or return their own wealth, which was almost certainly derived largely from fossil fuels, and which will likely continue to grow based on the new industries they so zealously back, and
  • the Earth undoubtedly becoming ‘greener’ in the recent past, thanks to higher CO2 availability for photosynthesis,

they (and their gullible friends and donors) want us all to

All sounds about right?

Have we missed anything?