UPDATE, 1/12/2021: Confirmation that the last few years of reports on the demise of coral reefs in Australia were, how shall we say it, pulled out activist scientists’ nether regions….
Australia’s Barrier Reef erupts in color as corals spawn – NPR

ORIGINAL POST, 23//2021:

The quote below, from a Guardian article in July 2021, says it all really.

In a world of massive energy poverty, is choosing the health of coral over the use of fossil fuels (the clear intent of the article), which directly affects the ability of the poor to access energy, really a difficult consideration? What is wrong with that equation?

And yes, removing an energy source (fossil fuels) from the total supply is effectively choosing one outcome (possibly healthier coral) over the other (maximum total supply of energy in an energy poor world). Build as many renewable energy sources as you want, just don’t remove other supplies from the system while people are literally dying from lack of such energy…

And that’s assuming reefs are actually in danger of collapse*, which is a highly doubtful concept if you ask many… Get your goggles on first worlders, but perhaps the third world has other more pressing dilemmas…

* UPDATE 23/9/21: It seems, even with alarmists and Malthusians using coral to gaslight and take our focus from more pressing issues like energy poverty, the little buggers are making quite a comeback on the Great Barrier Reef. See image below. How dare they…


“Ecosystems dominated by corals are predicted to be one of the first to collapse from global heating, caused by the world’s inability or unwillingness to cut its use of fossil fuels.”

“But whatever way the decision goes, either now or in the future, I firmly believe this has to be our call to the world to do more on climate change. The reef is threatened and we need to do something about it.”


The Guardian – Whether or not the Great Barrier Reef is listed as ‘in danger’ won’t alter the fact it is at risk from climate change


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