A very, very white Christmas coming along for most of the Northern Hemisphere, it seems… And the above image is not even a worse case scenario, with a chance a huge dump of snow is coming all over the Northern Hemisphere…

Just as Mark Twain noted that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated, so too the climate catastrophe crowd seem to have advanced their theories of the approaching end of snow a little to precipitously.

The image above a case in point, yet even the data doesn’t come close to suggesting that snow is on the way out, basically anywhere, anytime soon. For example >>>

Another to add to the list of poor models, bad ‘science’ and/or just plain lying.

A few other snowy reports of note:

Annual rainfall and snowfall records broken in December

73 Percent of the U.S. Covered in Snow, the Most Widespread Coverage in 17 Years

Fourth snowfall of the year in WA brings out early-bird hikers to catch the drift