While elites and alarmists are more than happy monkeying around with higher energy prices by removing fossil fuels from the supply equation, the real world is a little more complicated and there are very detrimental repercussions from such virtue signalling for literally billions of people.

The latter includes the disabled, as discussed in the article we post below.

Surely at some point enough people will wake up and realise that experimenting on 30, 50 and 80 year timeframes with a naturally chaotic climate that could shift at any time thanks to any number of unforeseeable processes or major disasters is not a smart move in a world of major ongoing suffering and general poverty.

Focus on what we know we can influence, not flights of fancy.


She told ITV: “I am feeling very worried about the rising costs. I think every parent with a child with a disability is the same.”

“The hoist we use to lift her when she’s not mobile is constantly on charge. We have two suction machines, two saturation monitors to monitor her oxygen levels and her electric wheelchair [all on charge].”

So far, Sara’s energy bills have already doubled since this time last year. With energy costs still expected to rise, she’s feeling anxious. 

She said: “We cannot cut back, these are essential items that we need. So where does that leave us, if we can’t cut back on gas and electricity? What other sacrifices need to be made?

“I don’t think the government have the foggiest what people like myself go through. We get the £140 a year help with the Warm Home Discount Scheme but that doesn’t even cover half of my monthly bill.”


‘I am very worried’: Fears disabled people could slip into fuel poverty due to rising energy bills – ITV News