It’s hard to believe that intelligent people can say out loud something like what is in the article we reference below.

I mean, it is not difficult to confirm that there are many billions of people around the world currently in energy poverty, and, taking that one step further, that more expensive energy, in a global energy market, will lead to even greater levels of energy poverty.

Are we missing something?

Their completely speculative attempts to control the future global climate via one variable in an extremely complex, chaotic system (itself a laughable endeavour) are nonetheless deemed more important than solving energy poverty for billions of actual, real, living human beings.

Essentially: “we should make energy more expensive, sorry poor folk, as it may eventually have a minor effect on the Earth’s climate, even though we have no guarantees, proof nor precedents, and dozens of unknown variables at play, any one of which could completely change the climate at any point in time…”

These people are pure evil, not to mention pretentious, arrogant idiots with essentially no capacity for reasoned thought, let alone a moral compass.


Who needs one, just look at the headline!!!

I mean, what really is ‘drive change’ in the context of energy poverty? Send strugglig, middle aged homeless to their graves a little earlier? Reduce even further the resources available for poor kids? Seriously…


Karen Ward: Higher energy prices can be used to drive change in the pursuit of net zero – The Times