It’s always been a fairly simple if not cynical (completely justified, in our opinion) concept that you really need to read between the lines of China’s pronouncements and actions involving climate change and realise that the country just isn’t that into it, you know…

Interestingly, as far as we can see, it looks like rather than purposely leading the rest of the world on a wild goose chase (well at least the gullible world) China’s leaders, or moreso leader, may have simply been sticking to the rather understandable and some might even say sensible approach of putting his “masses” first – you know, kind of like what all governments should do, almost by definition.

Like “sure, we’ll listen to your climate change ideas and even think really hard about them, but…. like, what’s in it for us, you know…”

Which brings us to 2022.

In the midst of a cold, cold winter, and with the world’s interconnected energy market taking hits from all sides, President Xi, in the article referenced below, has just made it very clear that, actually, he’s more interested in a few other priorities of governing large groups of people, and that climate change is kind of moving down his to do list.

Fancy that, hey?!… Prioritising the well-being of real, living people* over fanciful predictions of doom and gloom, based on not a shred of conclusive evidence and with nigh impossible and completely wasteful CO2-focused (hare-brained) schemes as their preferred ‘solutions’.

*well, as long as they’re not Uyghurs…

What a messed up state of affairs the biggest brains in the West have marched themselves into, with all of us in tow… And now making China actually look compassionate and reasonable, by comparison.

Jesus wept; isn’t that what they say?….


Xi said the nation’s carbon goals shouldn’t clash with other priorities, which include securing adequate supplies of food, energy and materials “to ensure the normal life of the masses,” according to comments made at a Politburo session reported by the official Xinhua news agency on Tuesday. 

Xi said China needs to make sure it has enough coal, and that oil and gas output grows steadily, in his clearest comments yet that reducing emissions shouldn’t come at the cost of other economic goals. An unprecedented energy crisis in the fall has highlighted concerns that China’s reliance on fossil fuels remains as entrenched as ever.


China’s Xi Says Climate Targets Can’t Compromise Energy Security – Bloomberg