As cold weather continues and any semblance of the bullshit ‘dangerous’ warming that alarmists preach as gospel gets further and further away, the narrative is starting to shift, ever so slightly.

Check out the quote and article we reference below. Setting the scene much for a significant softening of alarmist rhetoric?? Given the climate just won’t cooperate with their preferred socialist talking points…



“Science often suffers from publication bias, where strong effects are selectively published by authors and prestigious journals”, says co-author Prof. Jutfelt. “It’s only after others try to replicate initial results and publish less-striking findings that true effects become known. Our analysis shows that strong effects in this field are favorably published in high impact journals.” Alongside publication bias, studies that reported severe effects tended to have smaller sample sizes. Not only that, but these less rigorous studies in prestigious journals still receive more attention from researchers and have had a stronger influence on perceived effects in this field.


Sharp decline in reported severity of ocean acidification impacts on fish behaviour –