Nice to see these comments, posted below, from the finance end of town, which is still, understandably, keeping a close eye on long term investments in oil and gas – you know, the stuff that has underpinned essentially all modern wealth and recent improvements to human development.

Particularly noteworthy is the acknowledgement of energy poverty as a key to the equation, an idea not usually mentioned in such discussions.

I we were betting folk we’d be keeping a bit of money tucked away in such investments and asset classes – just as most hypocritical alarmist elites have almost certainly been doing all along…


“The oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the positive aspects of ESG improvement,” Cochran said. “Natural gas replacing coal has resulted in dramatic improvement in emissions. The challenge of not being involved in foreign conflicts and providing affordable energy has enormous benefits.”

Providing affordable energy addresses the serious problem of energy poverty, something he said has been overshadowed “by the loud voices screaming about climate change.”

The ESG benefits of low-cost oil and gas lifting people out of energy poverty far outweigh any concerns about the environmental impact, he continued. Eliminating access to the nation’s low-cost oil and gas reserves would raise the cost of everything from eating to transportation and make it difficult for those with low incomes to advance and slow environmental progress, he said.


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