“Have fewer kids now so kids in the future have a more stable climate” say the new age climate Malthusians.

Perhaps dig up Chairman Mao to manage the marketing campaign for this one.

Or perhaps take it on a eugenics angle and discuss which people actually get lucky enough to have children, what are the qualifications for a multi-child licence, and how much CO2 I should try to save to offset risk from my next condomless one night stand…

I mean FFS. How can such research and articles exist in the modern age?

Dangerous ideas and slippery slopes that need to be countered hard and fast.

Beyond the evil undertones, encouraging (however mildly it begins) others to not have children in some ridiculously hubristic attempt to control the future climate of the Earth is as stupid as it seems.


Commissioned by environmental advocacy group Sustainable Population Australia, the report says affluent countries such as Australia should not be promoting population growth.

“The link between population and climate change is often overlooked or misunderstood,” SPA president Jenny Goldie said.

Prof Lowe says measures to curb population growth should not be “taboo”.


Have fewer kids to cut greenhouse emissions: Report – Perth Now