The marketing spin, rhetoric and sheer hypocrisy keeps getting more sophisticated, but at the end of the day the results speak for themselves, and for renewable pipedreams and ‘decarbonisation’ bull#$^*, the stark reality is that actual people need actual things and energy now, to avoid dying and at the very least living miserable lives today, tomorrow and next week.

The global climate utopias and CO2 scapegoating of the elites and alarmists have no place in the ongoing development of humanity, starting with pulling three billion more people out of energy poverty by the most direct and fastest route possible – by definition, that involves using ALL energy sources as much as possible and in the most innovative ways possible, and certainly with no spurious restrictions tied to ridiculous notions of CO2’s supposed control of the Earth’s climate and/or trade-offs to appease long term gambles based purely on guesswork and overlooking myriad factors and influences.


It’s a snail-pace transition that mining companies like Sojitz Blue are planning to capitalise on.

The company has three mine sites in central Queensland: Gregory, Minerva and Meteor Downs South.

Sojitz Blue has “committed to reducing its environmental impacts”, but has also recently proposed to expand its operations at the Gregory Crinum Mine to continue producing two million tonnes of hard coking coal per year until 2043.

“Ideally you want to operate that for 40 years, so there’s another 25 to 30 years that they will want to use their reactors.

“From some of those countries there’s going to be some resistance to shift to lower carbon alternative and technologies.

“The blast furnace technology is also very efficient and it’s producing iron at a low cost, so there will need to be a lot of effort in alternative routes to decrease the cost to compete with that.”


Despite net zero carbon emission targets, Australia forging ahead with coking coal as ‘green’ steel development lags – ABC News