Just amazing how the genial and completely selfless climate prophets of the West have managed to improve the lives of so many people around the world by making energy ‘cleaner’ over recent years, even if such commitment to humanity has driven up prices and reduced the overall supply of energy to the market.

At least the Earth’s climate is on track to be ‘better’ right? That’s at least something… Better than what, or for whom, or by when, or for how long, or just until the next planet altering mega-volcano or earthquake comes along, well, no one really knows, but it just feels like the climate is going in the right direction, right?! It must be – those guys are smart.

Smart enough that Germany now has the most expensive energy in the world – what foresight!!

All while Biden adds reams of paperwork to US energy suppliers during his highly successful first year, ensuring more expensive energy for his people.

And it seems they’re now all at the mercy of good guys like Putin, who largely control the world’s oil and gas pricing – wow, such strategic genius!!…

Probably a great time to start a war and blame it all on that, right?!

A selection of excellent graphs that display the amazing wisdom and downright beauty of our ‘clean’ energy heroes and superiors is provided above and below.

May we bask in their magnificent splendour.