It’s a common occurrence but no matter how simple the logic is the humble alarmist never wants to admit that warm climates of the recent past, when glaciers were clearly smaller than today and/or nonexistent, have no relationship to today’s warm climate because, well, just like, because, alright.

No explanations needed, even if it was definitely warmer than or at least as warm as it is today during periods where Co2 was much lower and not influenced by man.

How exactly their reasoning works in such cases, only the climate gods know…


While surveying part of the inland mountain peak Sandgrovskaret, the archaeological team recovered five arrows, three of which are up to 1,700 years old. The researchers also discovered 40 stone-built hunting blinds, which made the hunters “invisible” to nearby reindeer. 


Melting glaciers reveal 1,700-year-old weapons used by reindeer hunters