We regularly reference and promote Alex Epstein as a voice against energy poverty, primarily via the promotion of fossil fuels.

This new list, a summary of many of the themes of his upcoming book, is a great reference and quick guide to most of the key considerations around human energy production and consumption in the context of potential impacts on the planet, and of the human species.


1 – The cost of energy is far more significant to the livability of the planet for human beings than the level of CO₂ in the atmosphere. Except if the level of CO₂ is too low, in which case we all die. (Chapter 4, pages 110-113)

2 – Revolutions in digital technology, including machine learning and cryptocurrency, will continue to drive increasing energy demand even as energy efficiency increases—and that’s a good thing. (Pages 176-178)


33 controversial conclusions about energy, environmental, and climate issues