Yes it’s perfectly ok to destroy the environment, as long as you claim to produce very little CO2 (even if you secretly do…).

What’s endangering a few species here and there when you can feel the warm comfort of charging your phone with energy from 200m tall metal windmills in the middle of the sea (as long as it’s windy when your battery – made of rare earths and lithium – runs out)…

Where’s that Attenborough fella to save the day?!


It conceded that a new one off Norfolk would have a damaging effect on sea birds. But it stressed that ‘environmental compensatory measures can be secured to fully offset the potential harm’. The RSPB said black-legged kittiwakes, classed as vulnerable, will need to fly through the area, avoiding turbines, to reach feeding grounds. The area is already home to a giant wind project.


New offshore wind farms are being rushed through with a ‘catastrophic impact’ on Britain’s sea birds, charity warns