• It’s likely that there was some cheating in the 2021 US election
  • It’s likely that if I only drink three beers I’ll still be under the DUI limit, but it’s not guaranteed
  • It’s likely that e = mc to the power of something, but I can’t remember what
  • It’s likely that if I shoot this gun into that empty looking car park, it won’t hit anyone
  • Statistically speaking, it’s likely that your partner has cheated on you

Sometimes, the word likely can be pretty useless, and dangerous…

Just don’t tell climate alarmists – they might fall into despair as all of their reasoning and card towers fall over.

Yet, as shown in the article below, in today’s post-truth world even scientific journalism resorts to the dastardly tactic.

And the scienceyness just exudes from the key quote, don’t you think?…


A Major Ocean Current Is at Its Weakest Point in 1,000 Years


new study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, finds that the current is indeed slowing and that climate change is likely playing at least a small part. But the current’s behavior is still within the range of its own natural patterns. In other words, the climate change signal hasn’t yet pushed the current outside the bounds of its historically “normal” behavior. The signal from natural variability “basically dominates” the signal from human-caused warming, according to lead study author Mojib Latif, a scientist at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in Germany.