Renewables need a mass of materials, land, labour and maintenance.

“So what”, say advocates, who hate fossil fuels that much that they won’t consider counter-arguments of almost any type.

Well, the below article is what happens when your approach to life is to rely on more and more ‘stuff’.

You know, kind of the opposite to the concepts of efficiency and productivity that, fortunately, pervade most other aspects of human activity and development.

Just not the renewables sector… More and more will always be required. It’s a feature of the system. Just ask Al Gore and Elon…


“Under-prepared on all fronts:” Australian renewables exposed to supply and cost crunch


In the case of a wind farm, GCube notes that even just a minor percentage increase in the cost of turbine blades can add hundreds of millions of dollars of extra costs to a project. “[And] the ripple effect goes on and on,” the report explains, “with prices and risks for the developer, contractor and insurer climbing to astronomical levels.” For Australia, this has been felt particularly keenly, due to a combination of its geographical isolation, and therefore complete reliance on international trade, and its long-standing shortage of skilled labour that is already struggling to keep pace with the rate of market growth.