It had to happen at some point, and while it may not be the killer blow to climate alarmist blowhards, the ongoing global energy crisis should push a lot of people away from mindless net zero and ‘evil CO2’ arguments and positions.

Today’s reference article provides an excellent perspective on how efforts to secure energy supplies are necessarily ignoring previously sacrosanct climate scare tactics.

Shouldn’t have to be this way, but carefully designed narratives backed by ‘the science’ incorporated and self righteous ignorami are powerful forces.


Meanwhile, the headlong rush across Western Europe to replace Russian oil, gas, and coal with alternative sources of these fuels has made a mockery of the net-zero emissions pledges made by the major European economies just three months before the invasion at the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Instead, questions of energy security have returned with a vengeance as countries already struggling with energy shortages and price spikes now face a fossil fuel superpower gone rogue in Eastern Europe.

With the onset of the Ukraine crisis, the new reality is already evident. Since Feb. 24, the Biden administration has reversed course on its efforts to slow or stop oil and gas production in the United States by restricting access to federal land. Instead, it is now threatening firms that fail to raise production with the cancellation and transfer of their drilling leases. It submitted budget requests to substantially scale up domestic uranium processing and enrichment, where Russia is a major supplier. And it invoked the Defense Production Act in an effort to raise domestic production of critical minerals now supplied by China. The focus is on the entire energy supply chain—fossil and nonfossil fuels, nuclear and renewable energy, supplies from China as well as Russia.


Russia’s War Is the End of Climate Policy as We Know It