Basically, what China already has, as in state control. See the article included below.

They just haven’t figured out yet that, as is clearly the case for China, that means more fossil fuels, as required, for the forseeable future.

It is equal parts amusement and frustration watching the same people leading ESG and Net Zero conferences and protests, and who are ambivalent when energy businesses close up shop and go bankrupt, now upset that the remaining fossil fuel energy players in the market fight hard to ensure their companies are profitable and, shock horror, even make some money while they still can!

Especially after being dumped on at each and every ESG and CO2 wank fest for many, many years now…

If anything, their actions are about self preservation, before the mob and/or communism gets them, just like in the article below…


China to Send Squads to Coal Country to Ensure Price Controls


By opting for price controls, Beijing is expecting its largely state-owned mining industry to put aside the dynamics of supply and demand — and the pursuit of profit — in order to serve the national interest. Although it’s still early days, the order has met some resistance.