This is nothing new, but the brazenness of supposedly intelligent researchers and/or journalists when it comes to propping up the dismal performance and abject unsuitability of renewable energy in myriad situations continues on an upward trajectory, similar (fortunately, for the billions still in energy poverty) to the rate of the use of fossil fuels by humanity (even as the pure, enlightened climate alarmist angels amongst us try their hardest to convince us that they would really prefer to reduce their historically astronomical and continuing fossil fuel usage, you know, to save the planet/kids/favourite-third-world-resort-destination… It’s just so hard for them, the poor things…)

Anyway, in the article referenced below we see the fabulously sneaky and probably racist attempt to blame the misguided cooking preferences of heathen poor folks for the crappy uptake of shitty renewable energy. Imagine that! Nothing to do with things like reliability, effectiveness, availability, performance etc. etc, even though everyone knows those factors are critical and almost certainly unfulfilled by the crappy renewable supplies. No!! It’s the choices of the uneducated rabble, dare we say deplorables, that is the real culprit!! Renewables would be thriving if it wasn’t for them…

Like, why would people even want to cook at night anyway, using non-solar energy sources, you know… Just crazy talk!!

I for one am so glad we have such honest, upright and unbiased writers to set us straight on such matters….


Second, sustainable energy transitions in urban households are limited by the low uptake of renewable energy sources. Third, despite the majority having grid-connected electricity access, many urban households continue to use non-renewable fuels (gas and charcoal) for cooking and view renewable sources, such as solar panels, as a short-term energy fix.


The dynamics of urban household energy poverty and energy transition in Mozambique