In Australia, the recent and upcoming weather sees half the country with above average rainfall, and the other half well below.

And, just because it can, evil CO2 is not even allowing us a straight north south or east west division, but has arranged for a diagonal approach, as in the shot above.

Good lord it’s a clever, Machiavellian little molecule.

Imagine how it will be forcing us into ‘unprecedented’ bushfires on one diagonal of Australia and ‘unprecedented’ floods on the other.

Complete control of multiple, regional-scale weather patterns and the clear intent to just piss humanity off wherever and whenever it can.

Unprecedented. Not….


More rain, cooler days and hotter nights: Australia’s climate outlook from August to October


But the real weather-conjuring action is happening on the other side of the country, off the coast of Western Australia. “To our west, warmer ocean temperatures off Indonesia and cooler conditions off Africa indicate a negative Indian Ocean Dipole is likely,” Dr Bettio said. The Indian Ocean Dipole, or IOD, is a key climate driver which can affect Australia’s weather