In 2300, 67 year old Captain James T Kirk may face, beyond Klingons and Romulans, an Earth with sea levels 1.5 metres higher than today.

Did you hear that? 1.5 metres

The absolute shame of modern humans condemning Kirk and his human colleagues of the future to a life of underwater misery, all for what?

Just so we can invest unhindered in our own health, built environments, poverty reduction initiatives, education, etc. etc.

Such pointless exercises, and all the while dooming poor future humans!

Such selfishness.

As admonished in the article we include below, we must restrain and hinder ourselves for the sake of the crew of the Enterprise, and their horror scenario of 1.5 metre higher sea levels in 2300.

Their fate is in our hands!


Fate of ‘sleeping giant’ East Antarctic ice sheet ‘in our hands’ – study