The article referenced below provides an excellent summary of an important, well coordinated movement aimed at ending the unscientific obsession with controlling CO2 levels and promoting a focus on adaptation when it comes to the climate.

Excellent news for energy poverty, given adaption efforts directly target providing all humans with the tools to confront a naturally variable and chaotic climate – essentially: more energy.

There is no controlling the Earth’s climate.

There are however many ways to protect all humans from its unpredictability…


The political fiction that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’, has been dealt a savage blow by the publication of a ‘World Climate Declaration (WCD)’ signed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals. There is no climate emergency, say the authors, who are drawn from across the world and led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever. Climate science is said to have degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science.


1,200 Scientists and Professionals Declare: “There is No Climate Emergency”