The fantastic article included below features many, many great points and well structured arguments for the need to move away from the increasingly dominant ideas that existing forms of non-nuclear renewable energy can and will someday be able to power everything, everywhere.

Clearly preposterous, although large swathes of society and the leadership classes continue to push such claims, even in the face of skyrocketing energy prices the world over.

Perhaps the best quote is this:

One can’t help but be reminded historically of those who owned the renewable energy sources that powered pre–fossil fuel Europe, namely the landed aristocracy and gentry. That pre-fossil social structure is history and should stay there.

Indeed. The energy freedom that fossil fuels affords humans across the planet is perhaps not so high on the agenda of today’s gentry, you think?

Anyway, it’s an excellent, pithy argument for your next dinner party wank fest with clueless green lefty elites, if unfortunate enough to find yourself at one.

Perhaps such types should create a slogan:



The Energy of Nations – Energy blindness is leading to policy blunder